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Dec 26


I found a gif that summarizes pretty much everything in Torchwood

“Children of Earth”


“Measuring tapes”


“The beans are almost done”






  • Steven Moffat: hey i have this new idea for a TV show
  • Producers: oh not again
  • Steven Moffat: it'd be about an exceptionnal hero, a loner
  • Producers: ...
  • Steven Moffat: he would only have a few faithful friends
  • Steven Moffat: and a big coat
  • Steven Moffat: and big cheekbones
  • Producers: steven...
  • Steven Moffat: it'd have to involve a roof at some point...
  • Producers:
  • Steven Moffat:
  • Producers:
  • Steven Moffat:
  • Producers: ok then.
  • Mark Gatiss: can i star in it?
  • Steven Moffat: sure.

i am not a superstitious person but if there’s no way i’ll ever go to London on christmas.

Dec 25

if captain jack gets bitten during a zombie apocalypse

aren’t we like

pretty fucked

Dec 19

John Barrowman as Bruce Wayne, please be a thing